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Citygame Rosalie


'Rosalie' is the brand new digital game that was developed by De Panne Tourist Office. You can play it in the picturesque and traffic-restricted Dumont Quarter.


The target group for ‘Rosalie’ includes children aged 8 to 14. Of course, Mum and Dad, big sister and big brother and Grandma and Grandpa can play too! You can play throughout the whole year whether that’s on your own, as a family or as a group (maximum of 6 children per iPad). You will be given an iPad at the start of the game.


The route has not yet been determined, but you will have to find 10 locations using a digital map. Each location features a very cool game. The faster and more effectively you finish each task, the more points you get. The game includes five quiz shows, each providing extra points.

The iPad knows where you are because you need to scan in a QR code at each location. The QR code is like a barcode used in supermarkets: once you have scanned it into the iPad, you can start a new task.

At the end of the game, you return to the start—De Panne Tourist Office (Town Hall, Zeelaan 21). When you get there, you return the iPad and get your certificate of participation which includes your score. You can also instantly share the fact that you have participated in the game on your Facebook timeline. Do it!


€ 10/game + € 50 deposit (please pay in cash)

Practical information

Advance booking recommended because the number of i-pads is limited.
We lend the i-pads only during our opening hours out.

Toerisme De Panne
Zeelaan 21
De Panne
t/ 058-42 18 18

Children must always be accompanied by an adult.