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Plopsaland is the ideal theme park for a day out with the whole family. The park’s theme centres around well-known TV characters Samson & Gert, Kabouter Plop, Mega Mindy, Big & Betsy, Wizzy & Woppy, Piet Piraat, Maya de Bij, Wickie de Viking, het Huis Anubis and much more! A place where children can meet their heroes in accessible surroundings.
Plopsaland is not about being the tallest, fastest or most daring, but something much more spectacular: children’s imaginations.
Mayaland is especially aimed at very small children. The theme park’s indoor (all-weather) area contains attractions built specifically for this age group.
The park is not only based on these familiar characters, but you can also meet them in person, shake their hand or give them a hug. Various shows are performed every day.
All attractions are child-sized and made easily accessible—in some cases, subject to supervision. You should definitely not miss out a visit to this theme park during your holiday in De Panne.

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