Gemeente De Panne

Beaufort: Permanent sculpture park

Beaufort Christophorus Twin Stations

This work is currently (till 1/7) being restored.

Location: E. Verhaerenlaan

The Dutchman Gerard Lentink made this sculpture especially for Beaufort01: a monumental figure of a young man, five times life-size, with a torso that has been transformed into a seat. This sculpture is meant to evoke the image of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travellers. The rugged dune landscape recalls the wild swell of the sea. The wood was given a beautiful grey patina in recent years.

Twin Stations

Location: Depot tramstation, Loskaai 15

During his first visit to the US, the artist Matt Mullican was fascinated by the coastal tram and the physical characteristics of the tram tracks. It was this that brought him to create Twin Stations. The work consists of 15 cast iron plates, which could be seen during Beaufort03 at the tram depot of public transportation organisation De Lijn in De Panne. The plates display strange symbols and signs, reminiscent of pictograms. After Beaufort03, the work was purchased by De Lijn and is still in its original location.

Boundaries of Infinity

Location: Town Hall, Zeelaan 21

This Maltese artist made a permanent addition to the square in front of De Panne’s town hall for Beaufort04. The concrete water garden contains a vertical sculptural element based on the Fibonacci numbers and the complete forms of the ‘Golden Section’. Each element of the Fibonacci numbers is always the sum of the two preceding elements, beginning with 0 and 1. This sequence often occurs in nature, such as plant and flower growth, animal reproductive behaviour and shell formation. The spiral figure based on the Fibonacci sequence is a symbol of the perfect shape, the infinity of nature and the vastness of the sea.