Gemeente De Panne

Pier Kloeffe

Pier Kloeffe

Design: Louis Van den Eynde (°1881, Anderlecht - †1966, Anderlecht)
Material: bronze
Location: 1992

Pier Kloeffe was born on 4 August 1853 and was actually called Petrus Decreton. The name comes from the farming village Creton in the Eure Valley of Normandy (F). The whole family was given the nickname Kloeffe because their ancestors ran an inn called De Kloeffe on the road to Veurne.

Pier Kloeffe went Iceland fishing up to nine times with a ‘galette’. After this heroic time, Pier took it a bit easier and chose a new hangout after the First World War: the beach, where he practised 'gill net fishing’. He appeared every day without fail in his typical fishing attire. Now and then it all became too much for him, and he would go out to sea for a few hours, usually in the company of his inseparable friend, painter Louis Van den Eynde.

As always, Pier wears a white beard, typical of the old Iceland fishermen, the Westhoek fisherman’s attire: a blue sailor’s hat with a black brim, a red linen shirt (the ‘chasuble’) and thick dark blue trousers.