Gemeente De Panne

COVID19 measurements


We are all safe@depanne!

As De Panne’s local authority, this is the message we want to bring home through the range of transparent measures and adapted arrangements we have put in place.

Please observe the 6 golden rules
  1. Observe the hygiene rules
  2. Ideally perform your activities outdoors
  3. Consider the vulnerable among us
  4. Keep your distance (1.5 metres)
  5. Restrict your close contacts
  6. Follow the rules that apply to gatherings

If you have questions, concerns or thoughts you would like to share that are to do with corona and the measures in place in De Panne,

please call us on 058-42 97 38 or mail us at
We will be happy to answer your calls and mails during regular opening hours.

Compulsory face mask

In De Panne, the following rule applies: a face mask must be worn on Zeelaan from 08:00 to 19:00 hours. This rule applies to people on foot or travelling by bike and by scooter and to anyone from the age of 13.

When is wearing a face mask not compulsory on Zeelaan?

  • When travelling by car or motorcycle
  • When practising intensive sports activities (except for walking - if you are out for a walk, please wear a face mask)
  • When performing heavy labour
  • When consuming food and drink (albeit no longer than strictly necessary)
  • For those who have a medical certificate confirming they are unable to wear a face mask

!!! Sea promenade:

From Saturday, February 13 to Sunday, February 21, it's mandatory to wear a face mask on the sea promenade.

Adapted local authority services

The services provided by the local authority have been adapted to protect visitors and employees as widely as possible from the coronavirus and to counteract its further spread.

The Tourist Office is open every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. A face mask must be worn! Click here for the Tourist Office’s opening hours 

All other local authority departments are by appointment only. Please make an appointment by phone by calling the direct dial number of the department you require (see website) or through reception: 058-42 16 16. Full contact details are available at

Mobility and circulation

The local authority continues to ask pedestrians to walk on the proper side of the road. So please make sure you use the pavement on your right at all times. You will notice that the walkways are waymarked on the ground by arrows (chevrons) to point you in the right direction.

Public toilets

With hospitality establishments forced to remain closed, the public toilets in De Panne are still open. They are disinfected on a daily basis. Wearing a face mask is compulsory in all public toilets for anyone from the age of 13.

You will find the opening hours and locations of all public toilets in De Panne at:

Saturday Market

The Saturday Market continues to be held on Zeelaan until 1 March.

With the protective measures in place at this location, this allows for the Saturday Market to continue to go ahead under safe conditions.

Please note! There is a ban on the consumption of food and drink on the market.


This web page has the full list of all restaurants and eateries in De Panne that do takeaways

Nationwide measures

The nationwide measures surrounding the coronavirus are frequently updated on the federal government’s website. Be sure to visit this page on a regular basis.